Studying in Homeopathy in United Kingdom

Homeopathy was introduced in England by Dr. Quinn in the 1830s. Since then this form of alternative medicine has flourished in England. Homeopathy has grown steadily in England and is funded by the National Health System (NHS) in the UK.

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Homeopathy has always had an elite status in the UK. It is used by the royal family and other celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Catherine Zeta Jones. This form of alternative medicine has been under attack in recent times in England. The royal family has used homeopathy for centuries in England. Great advocates of homeopathy, but they will not participate in the current issue of homeopathy in the NHS.

Current homeopathic hospitals in the UK face closure due to doctors orchestrated by leaders in the UK saying homeopathy is merely a placebo campaign. They point to many studies that show trials where homeopathy is no better than a placebo. Doctors say that many doctors do not give homeopathic references. If there are not enough references, homeopathic hospitals will have to close.

Homeopathic Hospital Tunb ridge already scheduled to close due to lack of funding and referrals. Some other hospitals also face cuts in NHS. They are becoming less than in the past references. Critics claim that the NHS has limited funds that should not be used in unproven treatments like homeopathy.

The media and others have pointed to trials Lancet showing homeopathy does not work. However, these homeopathic trials have many problems with bias and validity research. Trails in homeopathy have been a mixed bag. Many homeopathic trials have not been successful. However, there have also been some very well-designed trials of homeopathy that showed positive results for homeopathy. BBC has made some experiments with homeopathic dilutions showing no effects between dilution water and a homeopathic dilution. There has been no scientific evidence that this type of alternative medicine works. Critics claim that homeopathy is implausible because of the large number of dilutions used. Homeopathic dilutions of 24X or 12C contain any measurable substance of the remedy.

Users of homeopathy homeopathic hospitals seem to be quite satisfied with their treatments. Even with all the lack of funding for Social Security , fewer doctors who write references and bad press media , homeopathy in England still seems to be growing. The audience enters a growing number of these types of alternative medicine. In 2007, the UK market is estimated to be worth £ 38 million. In 2012, the market will reach 46 million pounds.

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